From Bowie, Marlyand, a suburb of Washington, DC, Alexandria Ligon is an 18 year old undergraduate student attending school in New York with a major in Health and Human Services. She has a passion for sharing her love for God, health and wellness and art. Blogging is the medium in which she currently chooses to share these loves with the world. As she learns about these topics on her journey of life, she aspires to share her knowledge and her love with all who read her writing. 

This is her story.


You are the creator of, a user-centric website intended to inspire users to appreciate and enhance their lives. What made you start blogging?

I believe that writing is an essential tool in the progression of society and I felt moved to take advantage of that tool. I greatly value writing because I feel that conversations can change mindsets, which can change habits, and then lifestyles. As I am currently entering my young adult life, I have naturally been learning new practices that help make a better lifestyle whether it be through my faith, through health and nutrition, or even through education. As I learn, I feel moved to share my knowledge with others through writing, which I do through my blog. I initially created my blog with a sole focus in natural health and wellness. As I started blogging, I started implementing my love for photography and fashion which resulted in lifestyle blogging.

What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic?

The most challenging part in blogging about health and lifestyle topics is that sometimes I feel that I sound preachy or corny. I try to avoid a know-it-all writing style. 

How would you describe your blogging style?

I try to sound conversational in my blog posts to be more relatable, especially for readers that are my age since they’re my main audience right now.

alex 2

What would you prioritize? Content? Traffic? Readers?

I definitely prioritize content in my writing, because my main focus is to inspire regardless of how many people are reading. Of course I would love to have more readers but I’m not going to write about anything to gain views. I want everything to be authentic.

Who is your blogging inspiration? What blogger(s) do you look up to and why?

I admire a few bloggers for different reasons. I look up to Aimee Song @Songofstyle on Instagram because I admire her consistency in posting and her personality-filled photography. I admire Chelsea Williams (@Thatschelsea) because she’s great at presenting health information in a fascinating way, an art that I’m still learning. And I also admire menswear blogger Igee Okafor (@Igeeokafor). He actually just graduated from my university and any time I saw him he was dressed so stylishly and crisp! He inspired me to take myself and my dreams more seriously. He actually gave me a few blogging tips a while back which gave me some direction in blogging so shoutout to Igee!

Talk about the opportunities blogging has given you.

Before I became a blogger, I was a girl who sometimes dabbled in art but I took my creative cap on and off as I pleased. Now that I’m into blogging, I’m in a creative mindset almost 24/7. I view the world as art and I see new ways to capture it and share it through writing and photography daily. Also, as I learn different life lessons, I almost instantly write about what I’m learning, whether I share it on my blog or not. Writing has made me think about my life more deeply, as I’m always seeking the larger life lesson in every situation in my own life. This has not only allowed me to share lessons with others, but it also helps me keep track of what I’m learning in life. It has also challenged me to improve my creative writing skills.

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Photo Credit: Alexandria Ligon

So far, blogging has allowed me to meet some great artists, photographers and other women with health and/or lifestyle blogs. I’ve been able to collaborate with these people on different projects which not only helps me network but it allows me to do what I love with people who I’ve grown to admire. I also recently got the opportunity to write for a group called The Odyssey at my university, which is a group of student writers who create content online weekly for the entire school to read. I also get to mention that I have a blog in job interviews which is always a great conversation starter!

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

If someone was interested in blogging, I would say to write a mission statement for your blog and stick to it as you create content. This will help you choose what to write about in your posts and will also give your readers a clear idea of what you and your blog are about.


Skin Care Routine

First, I wash my face with Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Soap. I use my Vanity Planet “Spin for Perfect Skin” brush to gently exfoliate my face as I’m washing. I then apply DoTerra’s melaleuca and frankincense oils to my face. Then I go in with Bare Minerals’ Eternalixir serum. Then lastly I gently massage my face with GNC’s Vitamin E, A, and D moisturizing cream (which is $2 by the way).

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Photo Credit: Alexandria Ligon

Hair Care Routine

My hair care routine changes so often because I often wear protective styles. But when I do wear my natural hair I’m honestly very lazy with my routine. I just wash, condition, and moisturize my hair with Shea Moisture or Taaliah Waajid products, and I seal the moisture in with Argan Oil and DoTerra’s “Root to Tip” growth serum.


My main health and nutrition tips are to stay hydrated and eat lots of fruit. I like to consume my fruits in the form of a smoothie or a fresh pressed juice. 


How has your relationship with God impacted your college career?

My relationship with God has given me perspective about education. He’s helped me to realize that the knowledge I obtain from school is the same knowledge that I can use to help people. This perspective provides motivation for me to do well in school even when I don’t enjoy it.

Tell us about how good God has been to you.

I could honestly go on and on about the love and mercy God has shown me throughout my life. But despite my life circumstances whether good or bad I’m grateful towards Him just because of who He is. I’m just thankful to be able to know Him and serve Him. The fact that He’s added even more blessings unto that is a plus.

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Photo Credit: Alexandria Ligon

What advice can you give to people who want to establish/strengthen their relationship with God but are unsure how to do so?

I would say that your growing your relationship with God is not a pursuit with an end goal. It’s a fluid process, it’ll change and grow throughout your entire life. He’ll reveal Himself in different ways at different points in your life, but in the mean time I would advise people to always be thankful towards Him, to be open with Him in prayer, and to read the Bible often as it helps increase your faith tremendously.

What is your favorite scripture? 

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite scripture but the scripture that I’ve been most drawn to recently is Galatians 5:14 which says “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

How do you spread love within your friend group but also with people you aren’t particularly fond of?

Naturally I wouldn’t love people who I’m not fond of because that’s not human nature. However, I’ve been learning about God’s love for us which has helped me to truly love everyone. I’ve learned that God doesn’t love us because of anything we’ve done for Him but only because of who He is: a loving God. If His love for us depended on our own actions then we would be screwed because all humans are flawed. Since learning this, I’ve just been striving to love and care for all people impartially the way He does. It’s definitely unnatural and often times uncomfortable but I believe it’s just the right thing to do. 


This section consists of 2 questions on any topic to gain the interviewee’s opinion.

Mental illness is frowned upon in the black community. Black parents perceive mental illness as their children being “out of control” or having something wrong with them. What is your stance on how mental illness is depicted in the Black community?

I think that since the days of enslavement, the black community has adopted a habit of dealing with adversity without complaint. I’m sure many black kids can relate to me as I reminisce about numerous school days when I was sick but I was forced to go into school anyway. This concept of pushing past difficulty is embedded into our being as a community. I believe that this habit can be beneficial as it produces discipline and perseverance, but I definitely think it can go too far at times. It can cause many of us to become blind to pressing issues such as mental illness. However, I have observed that the black community as a unit is evolving and allowing new knowledge and beliefs to impact the way we function as people. I’m looking forward to a new norm in how black people address mental illness.

Do you believe in fate or free will? Why?

As a follower of Christ, I believe that we have free will but God is ultimately in control of our destiny. Many biblical scriptures attest to this concept, including Genesis 2:16-17 which states, “And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” The content of this scripture suggests that we as humans do have free will but there are consequences that follow our choices.

Cover Image Credit: Jonathan Williams

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