Today, I went to a food festival hosted by Famous Food Festival, a traveling organization based in NYC that provides both new and well known vendors a chance to showcase their creative and delicious works of art while bringing together their local community.

My mom came up from New Jersey because she is a dedicated foodie (plus, we needed some mom and daughter time.) There were over 50 vendors who were selling delicious foods from empanadas, pork buns, hot dogs, fried ice cream and so much more!

In this article, I will talk about my favorite 2 vendors.



MOZZARELLA STICKS AND LEMONADE YOU SAY? Anyone who knows me knows that these are my favorite things in life. The fact that I was able to start off my food festival experience with these two options really made my day.


Big Mozz NYC is based in Brooklyn and they are famous for *wait for it* their mozzarella sticks. It was founded by President Matt Gallira and Big Mozz NYC is known for its delicious mozzarella sticks!



I didn’t have to go somewhere tropical to get this tropical beauty, thanks to Acai Ya Later! This delicious concoction consisted of seltzer water, acai berries all inside a pineapple. My mom and I shared it and it was worth the $10 we spent. Even after we left the festival, people on the street were amazed by it (kids pointed at it, adults throwing compliments my way… move over Spongebob, you’re not the only one with a cool pineapple!)

Acai Ya Later was founded by Michael Landi and Matthew Rubel. It all started with two tiki stands in the Summer of 2016.  Now, a year later,  the pair are opening their first store on historic Washington Street in Hoboken.

Overall, this was an amazing experience and I got to spend some quality time with my mom.

Until the next adventure…!


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