Grab your friends and bring some cash… we’re headed to the Girl Power Street Fair!

Yesterday afternoon, I headed to the Girl Power themed street fair held by Hester Street Fair after my shift. I hopped on the F train and almost an hour later, I was in Manhattan. When I got to the fair, I was shocked to see how small it was. I was expecting a huge blowout in a park filled with vendors and music (and there was.) I walked around and looked at all the tables filled with girl-power, feminists-unite knick knacks. There was at least 70 people walking around enjoying food from Bang Cookies, Brooklyn Baked & Fried or buying patches, t-shirts or jewelry promoting girl power.

The DJ was playing good tunes (is it really girl-power themed if they didn’t play Run The World by Beyoncé?) and the food was delicious. Yet, it was great to see women from all different backgrounds embracing each other and sharing stories of how they’ve overcome microaggressions in the work place or discussing who their upcoming #mancrushmonday would be. It felt like…home.

At one table, guests had the opportunity to write on a sticky note what girl power meant to them. And I must say, I was truly captivated by the amount of sticky notes and answers people had.

girl power

To me, girl power means that empowered women empower other women. in a world that constantly puts women against each other, it’s important for us to stand together and be there for one another.

Girl power is being confident in yourself.

Girl power is being your own hero.

Girl power is being kind to yourself and others.

Girl power is being YOU!


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